The future of the diagnostics

The under-control application of the unique, independent and high-capacity diagnostic system «INFOTRANS-VELARO Rus» - installed into high-speed train «SAPSAN» - started on the 20th of June. There is no one similar system in the world.

The memorandum regarding cooperation by organisation of complex diagnostics of the railway infrastructure of the high-speed traffic in the Russian Federation was signed in September of the previous year. This document is a start point of the co-project of JSC «RZD», RPC INFOTRANS and SIEMENS AG regarding equipment of high-speed passenger electric trains «Sapsan» with systems for infrastructure diagnostics. The active phase of this project started in February of this year, when the necessary administrative procedures were finished. In the very beginning of the July the acceptance tests was already finished.

The senior Vice-president of JSC «RZD»V.A. Gapanovich continuously controlled the whole working process, which was carried out by the representatives of different companies. The experts of the Departments for technical politics, Direction for high-speed traffic and Central Direction for infrastructure of JSC «RZD» provided support by solving of all administrative issues, which are result of the complicated project.

This project was the first shot by creating of new system for diagnostics and monitoring. Nowdays this system is worked through as a part of the «Concept for development of systems for diagnostics and monitoring of the track infrastructure up to the year 2025».

Up to the present moment it was the restricted high-speed diagnostics by using of sensor’s set for indication of interaction between the track and rolling stock. This way allowed controlling only of the traction units acceleration. Or this way was based on extraordinary expensive solution regarding creation of the diagnostic system for the extra defined high-speed train.

It’s the first time, the measuring hardware with so high level of accuracy and reliability is installed into regular passenger train, especially into high-speed passenger train. This hardware allows measuring of the wide range of controlled parameters. Its working mode is fully independent.

The solutions applied by the project regarding carrying out of diagnostics simultaneously with passenger transportation allow excluding of the impact of the diagnostics on the transportation process. It is not necessary to use the separate locomotive, special traffic schedule for the inspection. This way ensures high frequency of the control of high-speed networks under conditions of real interaction between high-speed rolling stock and infrastructure. As a result, the efficient monitoring and forecasting of high-speed network infrastructure changes are possible. The task is the forecasting and prevention of dangerous infrastructure state.