Innotrans 2014: World acceptance of INFOTRANS

INFOTRANS took part at the 10th International exhibition of railway technologies InnoTrans 2014 in Berlin (Germany) from 23rd till 26th September 2014.

This year INFOTRANS presented the most modern developments and perspective projects to the visitors and exhibitors. For the last years the company had significant enlarged the field of its action. It went out the territory of the CIS countries, Trans-Caucasus and Baltic states and works on the marks of the West and East Europe, South-East Asia and Africa.

The high research and technic facilities of the company, innovative level of its products, continuous working on creation and inventions, adapting of technical solutions to the requirements of the customer generate interest of the world companies and respect of the abroad colleagues-engineers. That is extra important, that INFOTRANS can demonstrate its facilities, thanks to not only developing and producing of the systems, diagnostic units and IT-products. It takes part at the international research and technic co-projects.

Nowdays a separate exposition can’t demonstrate all the products of INFOTRANS. It’s just possible to show the samples of the concrete products, forecast the future projects and specify the development directions.

Traditionally INFOTRANS represented its stand and the technic products on the open space. The experts and exhibitors could study the procedures of the multifunctional diagnostics, which was represented both in the long-distance trains ("ERA", SPL-ChS200, CMDL-2TE116, ARKS and others), and in manual (RPI) multifunctional diagnostic units. The following products were shown in motion as the full-scale samples:

  • Multifunctional contactless measuring system MIBIS, analog to the system installed on the measuring train MISS-DVT for the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) and multifunctional diagnostic units. There are different options of this system, including ones for the high-speed diagnostics of the track infrastructure;
  • The unique multifunctional diagnostic device RPI, which demonstrates the same functionality like the long-distance diagnostic units. Using this unit it’s possible to solve several diagnostic issues, including acceptance of the track after repair or project measuring;
  • Informational and analytical system «EXPERT», which uses the diagnostic data base and ensures the control of the railway infrastructure and making of decisions regarding maintenance and repair.

The flagship product of the exposition of the company became the co-project of JSC "Russian Railways", INFOTRANS and «Siemens AG» regarding high-speed diagnostics based on passenger trains Siemens Velaro Rus "Sapsan". That is the unique project in the whole world. This project was the result of the cooperation of experts of INFOTRANS and «Siemens AG».