Third International seminar «Diagnostics technologies of railway infrastructure»

From November, 27 to November, 28 2013 in Riga with support of the Latvian railway, company INFOTRANS (Russian Federation, Samara) and its European representation SIA INFOTRANS (Latvia, Riga) carried out Third International seminar «Diagnostics technologies of railway infrastructure», already become regular.

Only the Baltic republics participated in the first and second seminars, but in this year the geography of seminar essentially extended – senior specialists participated in this seminar from the railways of Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

The General Director of INFOTRANS Igor Mikhalkin and Technical Director of the Latvian railway Mikhail Yagodkin addressed with welcoming speech to participants of a seminar at the plenary meeting.

The Senator of BWA (the Member of the Economic Senate), the Authorized Representative in Russian Federation - professor Herbert Mrotzeck (Germany) spoke about the interest shown by Deutsche Bahn and other European railways to innovative products of INFOTRANS.

Participants of a seminar heard reports about the main directions of development of complex diagnostic tools, the fundamental principles of creation of modern diagnostic tools, the information-analytical systems of diagnostics and monitoring, as important component of complex diagnostics.

During the work on sections of a seminar, participants got acquainted with the newest products of INFOTRANS in the field of diagnostics of railway infrastructure, overhead contact system, and system of the automation, telemechanics and train radio communication. Information-analytical systems of collecting, processing and analysis of diagnostic data were shown. The great interest was caused by the newest product - system EXPERT, which within methodology URRAN provides definition of a before-failure situation of infrastructure, forecasting of its development and repair planning. The complex assessment of a condition of long-welded rails is carried out.

During the second day of a seminar the newest track-research cars of the Latvian railway were shown to participants, which were developed by our company: a track-measurement car KVL-P2.1, track-research car for monitoring of system of the automation, telemechanics and train radio communication KVL-ARKS, which was prepared for the subsequent equipment by monitoring systems of an overhead contact system, according to the special requirement from the Latvian railway. Demonstration test journeys took place, during which participants of a seminar could communicate with crews of diagnostic trains, could ask questions and hear out their opinion, could share experience. Besides, the manual multipurpose diagnostic complex RPI was shown to specialists, which, as always, caused a great interest.

Participants of a seminar thanked organizers for interesting information, also, they noted high level of the presented products, wide range of topics of reports and their practical value. There is an offer about necessity of carrying out such annual seminars, because such seminar is a good platform for communication of specialists from the different countries, for share of experience of the solution of various problems, this seminar allowed to get acquainted with capabilities of modern diagnostic tools and tendencies of development of complex diagnostics.