The cooperation agreement between the BWA and the RSPP is gaining strength The BWA is aimed at German-Russian railway project

The BWA beginning the Russian-German railway project. The negotiations between the representatives from BWA and Russian company INFOTRANS held on the May, 29. Subject of the negotiations: the Russian-German railway project. The meeting took place on the May, 29 in Münster (Germany) as a part of the international exhibition of railway technology, at which was participated the company INFOTRANS. The representatives from BWA were the Adviser for External Economy - Irina Werner, the Senator - Herbert Mrottsek and the Chairman - Wolfram Novsh.

Since 1990, INFOTRANS is developing the diagnostic systems used to maintain the railway infrastructure in good working condition. As part of Cooperation Agreement between the INFOTRANS and the RSPP (The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), which concluded in 2010, begins the work on a joint project between the INFOTRANS and Deutsche Bahn.

After negotiations the Chairman of the BWA said: "I am pleased to see that the agreement with our Russian partners is filled with life forces. On the one side, we found new good contacts in Russia due to the RSPP. On the other side, INFOTRANS shows that the exchange of the latest developments will not be a one-way traffic line".

RSPP has more than 300,000 members of economy, science and finance from the all regions of Russia. BWA has recently prepared an Agreement  between the German Medical Institute (DKI) with the Medical University in Krasnodar. Objective: introduction to the curriculum of the subject "Economics in the medical field". The subject is designed for German- and English-speaking students.

Photo (from the left side to the right side): Igor Mikhalkin – General Director INFOTRANS, Irina Werner – Advisor for External Economy, Wolfram Novsh - Chairman BWA, Prof. Herbert Mrottsek - Senator BWA, Oleg Simakov - Deputy General Director INFOTRANS.