«InnoTrans-2016» – Success of innovations

The greatest regular international railway fair «InnoTrans-2016» was held from 20th to 23rd September 2016 in Berlin (it is held ones every two year).

Since 2008 INFOTRANS constantly takes part at this prestige transport event. By tradition it has presented its latest inventions, innovative and technological solutions in the sphere of rail infrastructure diagnostics. For the last years our company enhanced the list of regions for supplying of its products. INFOTRANS entered the high-tech markets of Western Europe. INFOTRANS got respect and reliance by foreign railway companies due to its non-standard approach by executing of the projects, orientation on searching of the optimal solution and meeting of customer requirements.

The latest inventions and attractive projects which INFOTRANS has presented this year primarily:

  • Esteblished innovative system «MIBIS» for diagnostics of the track and rail geometry, installed on the German Railways diagnostic train of new generation– «RaiLab». The key characteristic of this system is its diagnostic function which can be ensured in the whole speed range with high accuracy , including low speed, that practically means that the system can precise measure at ca. 0 km/h;
  • Information and measuring system «INFOTRANS-VELARO Rus», which is operated in under-control mode at this time. This system is installed on the high-speed passenger train “Sapsan”. That’s the first full-scale system in the world for diagnostics of track and rail geometry, which is installed on a passenger train. It is based on the updated system MIBIS-AutoHS. The system is fully autonomous and it can be operated without any operator. It can measure parameters under the whole range of environmental conditions. The speed limit for this diagnostic system is 350 km/h. The next generation of the system «INFOTRANS-VELARO Rus» is also presented. It should be installed in the train «Lastochka»;
  • Actual project: production of diagnostic train gDFZ for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG) with wide range of measuring systems for diagnostics of stand of the technical railway objects. One of the purposes of the project gDFZ is monitoring of the world longest tunnel (57.1 км), named Basic Gotthard Tunnel. In order to execute this project our company built an international cooperation including the leading companies of Germany, Swiss and Italy;
  • Self-propelled multifunctional diagnostic train SMDK-Mtr, which is tested now within preliminary operation phase. This train is based on a service motor-rail car, designed for Moscow metro;
  • Informational and analytical system «EXPERT», which generates and updates data base consisting of diagnostic results, it monitors and makes the forecasts. As a result of these activities it’s possible to control the railway infrastructure including making the decisions about maintenance and repair works. «EXPERT» is a good sample of a system, which is built using IT-technologies, tools and methods for processing of big data values «Big Data».

A new version of the manual multifunctional diagnostic trolley RPI was presented at the fair as working example. This unit has the same functionality like the long distance diagnostic trains. It is used for solving of some important diagnostic tasks, including commissioning of tracks after the repair works are carried out.

INFOTRANS Team held many negotiations and presentations of products for the representatives of foreign companies. The representatives permanent pointed out high level and integrity of the offered solutions as opposed to often offered partial solutions. Every customer can choose a version from the whole range of the solutions offered by INFOTRANS and it can get the complex diagnostic tool. We call it «turnkey».

«InnoTrans» is an opportunity for meeting of the long-standing partners, colleagues and friends, for experience exchange, discussing of problems and searching for new cooperation. As a result of meetings with colleagues from China, Europe, America the concrete decisions are made.