Testing of RPI on the Deutsche Bahn

In the framework of cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the presentation of their ability to develop diagnostic systems, INFOTRANS came out with an initiative to hold in Germany demonstration tests of real acting products. The joint decision between INFOTRANS and DB, as a test object selected the manual automated diagnostic device RPI, which is a complicated multi-functional product, features a compact and high precision of measurement.

There is an innovative system for measuring all of the rail track geometry inside the RPI, which universality allows to use it as a mobile (measuring trains and railcars) or on removable diagnostic devices. Depending on the sensor equipment used in this system, measurement can be performed in a wide range of speeds (practically from 0 to 350 km/h).

In the period from 26th to 27th February 2013 at the Schwarzwald railway (Hausach) the official test of RPI was helped with assistance by specialists from INFOTRANS and DB. The tests were also attended by experts from the company PETHOPLAN with manual device Krabbe, which allowed for use on the DB. Data from RPI were compared with data from Krabbe and diagnostic train RAILab. Analysis of the results was carried out in accordance with European norms (Standard EN13848). The report was prepared by experts from DB according to the results of analysis.

The results of the test and the functionality of the RPI impressed the specialists from DB. As they noted in their official report on the results of the test: "RPI made by INFOTRANS is an impressive manual measuring device".