JSC “Russian Railways” scientific and technical council

On March, 22 in Moscow under the chairmanship of the President of JSC “Russian Railways” Vladimir Yakunin, the scientific and technical council of the company took place, which devoted to the problem of the effectiveness increase of railway track operation and innovative technologies of its maintenance.

Except board members and members of the scientific and technical council of the company, heads of involved divisions, to participation in discussion of topical questions were invited representatives of a trade science, producers of equipment, enterprises-suppliers of materials for construction and railway track reconstruction.

The vice-president of JSC “Russian Railways” A.V.Tselko reported about operations of improvement of railway track condition and engineering structures, possibilities of increase of allowed movements speeds of freight trains and passenger trains.

The senior vice-president of JSC “Russian Railways” V.A.Gapanovich reported about innovative technologies in track facilities.

The main task of track facilities is satisfaction of requirement for freight and passenger traffic, increase of level of traffic safety during the decrease of harmful effects on environment and minimization of operating costs through decrease of life cycle of railway track and artificial structures.

"Achievement of these factors possibly at creation of low-served railway tracks with high long-term stability. For this purpose it is necessary to solve the complex problems: to provide strengthening of permanent way with application of highly effective low-expensive elements, to create united coordinate space of JSC “Russian Railways”, to develop the software and to equip railway vehicles with high-precision satellite receivers and special program complexes", -Vladimir Yakunin summed up.

Innovative technologies and products, created by RPC INFOTRANS, related to the case in points of railway track facilities. The diagnostic aids of new generation providing all-round control with high efficiency and reliability of results, the information and analytical systems, allowing to give out technical and economic recommendations for acceptance of optimum decisions should be an integral part of realization of the assigned tasks of JSC “Russian Railways”. Understanding an actuality of these tasks, we feel high responsibility for result.

Within the scope of scientific and technical council, the exposition of production of three main companies-suppliers of innovative production for a railway complex was presented at the central office of JSC “Russian Railways”. One of these companies is RPC INFOTRANS, which has presented latest developments.