Activity Directions

Production for railroads

The main directions of the enterprise’s activity are development and production of trial and serial models of computerized cars-laboratories of a new generation for railroads of Russia and of the CIS, and not only for rail and contact network diagnostics, but also for the staff training of different railway departments.

Production developed by the enterprise includes computerized cars for all railways of Russia and of the CIS, computerized cars for contact network testing, on-board systems of contact network controlling for motorailers of ARV class, dynamometrical and brake-testing cars, track-measuring automotive motorailers, computerized cars-trainers, labor protection cars and ecology cars-laboratories, carriages for wavy deterioration indication of rails, automated rails templates, resource-saving technologies for track facilities of railroads, others.

Besides INFOTRANS not only manufactures high technology production, but also provides its complete operational support, including repair works, program products updating, staff training, metrological characteristics controlling, searching for and elimination of defects.

Logistical projects

As the last century gave way to rushing development of transport technologies as well as to constantly growing requirements to the goods traffic speed, we can mark the increasing importance of overland means of communication: automobile, railway roads as well as air ways for trans-continental trade communication.

Since 1995 INFOTRANS fulfills functions of a consulting firm on transport logistics projects developed by the Samara region Government. Now by the order of the Samara region INFOTRANS together with specialists of Scientific center of complex problems of transport (NCKTP) of the Russian Federation Ministry of transport continues to work at development of the Samara transport consolidating center (TCC). This center consists of transport infrastructure objects, such as railway stations, ports, multimodal terminals as well as railway trains, goods transferring and all processes management.

The Samara TCC must ensure effective processing of cargo flow that pass the Samara region territory at the joint of international transport corridors “Transsib” and “North-South”.

Information systems

Among the main activity directions of the enterprise there are research, development and introduction of modern information technologies for automation of transport enterprises’ work management in the region and also of state and commercial organizations.

Computer technologies developed in INFOTRANS may on customer’s demand include the most up-to-date organizational and economic methods of management. One of services in the field of informational technologies rendered by INFOTRANS to enterprises with personal automation service is a service of project consulting. It includes training of the customer-enterprise’s specialists in the field of modern means of design, engineering (or re-engineering) of business processes of an enterprise, development and introduction of information system. Such approach gives specialists of the customer-enterprise an opportunity to independently maintain the system during exploitation as they participate in designing. Such an approach has been tested during design of information net for Ministry of labor and social development.