The information-analytical system of complex diagnostic and monitoring of railway infrastructure «EXPERT»

The system is designed to collect data from automated diagnostic tools, to accumulate, synchronise, and process the data for further technical and economic analysis and maintenance scheduling taking into account track types, traffic load, and speed limits.

The software package of the onboard analytical evaluation

The comprehensive information arriving from diagnostic tools provides possibility of transition to the address planning and carrying out of various repair works on the basis of an actual condition of infrastructure and the forecast of its changes with high degree of reliability.

The program complex for analytical estimation, support of monitoring results database and passport data from railroad (PC P)

PC P KVL-P provides automated support of passport database and database of the test results obtained by computerized track-testing cars, working with application software of automated information-measuring system.

It also provides the opportunity to work with the data received from the automated diagnostic train "ERA".

The program complex for obtaining of reports by test results from the computerized track-testing cars for track maintenance department (PС PCh)

PC PCh KVL-P provides automated obtaining of reports for track maintenance departments by test results from the computerized track-testing cars (hereinafter called – track-recording car), working with application software (AS) as a part of on-board automation system (BAS) KVL-P version 4.20 (TsP-515).